Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Animated Widget 2.1 with gestures support was released

New version of Animated Widget was released. What's new:
  • Gestures are supported. Now any action can be started using pre-selected gesture (new behavior) or single/long tap (old behavior). All coomon types of gestures are supported - swipe, scroll, pinch, zoom, 1-3 fingers.
    View detailes of gestures implementation.
  • New global configuration params: "Enable gestures" and "Enable gesture's animation".
  • Minimum required Android API is changed from 9 to 15 (Android 4.0.3).
  • Free version only: limitation of number of created widgets is replaced by limitation of number of ads-free widgets. Total number of created widgets is not limited anymore.
  • Compatibility with Android 4.4.X was improved. In particular, default backup directory on SD-card is changed. Previous path Android/com.mobilityflow.awidget/backup was changed to Android/data/awidget-package-name/backup due to restrictions introduced in Android 4.4. As result, different versions of Animated Widget (free, pro, beta, etc) are stored backups in different folders. Restore manager scans all possible backup folders and shows full list of backup files from these folders.
  • Bugfixing.


  1. Bookmarks are listed in chrome browser but do not show up in animated widget pro when I go to make a bookmark widget. Please tell me how to access Chrome's bookmarks.