Saturday, June 7, 2014

Animated Widget 2.0.1 is released

Animated Widget 2.0.1 is released. Main purpose of this release is bugfixing. Thanks a lot for everyone who sent bugreports to us - your help was really helpful.
  • Effect of moving shortcuts were returned back.
  • #390. Fixed several bugs with custom images. Custom images didn't work in group contact, launcher and bookmarks widgets. There were also specific problems under Android 4.4
  • #401. Fixed visual feedback: "pressed" visual states were invisible.
  • #387. Fixed a couple of problems with bookmark launcher: selection of bookmarks didn't work on some devices, old backups didn't work sometime.
  • #402. Fixed a problem with filtering of contacts in group contact. AW 2.0 applied filter by group "My contacts" automatically. As result, list of contacts were empty on some devices, that confused users. In AW 2.1 filters become visible and their state is saved and restored after restart of the application. So, if you need to view contacts from particular group only, set filter by this group - and it will be used always until you remove it manually.
  • #408. Facebook contact selector was replaced by new one. Instead of selection Facebook friend from list it's necessary to enter unique friend's facebook user name or friend's facebook id manually. The reasons are described below.
  • Minor changes and bugfixing

Changes in Facebook integration

As you probably know, Single Contact widget in Animated Widget supports some integration with Facebook:
  • it's possible to load friend's image from Facebook;
  • it's possible to create shortcut for opening friend's Facebook page and starting chat with the friend through Facebook messanger.
Previous versions of Animated Widget were able to show full list of your Facebook friends and allowed to select required user from the list. Since 1 May 2014 Facebook doesn't allow to read full list of friends. So, Animated Widget is not able to read and show full list of your Facebook friends anymore. As result, in AW 2.0.1 instead of selection friend from the list it's necessary to manually enter friend's Facebook user unique name or his facebook id.

Unique name or facebook id can be taken from URL of your friend's Facebook profile page. Typical examples of such URLs:
User name typically looks like "john.doe", facebook id as "10000012345678".

Instead of entering this data manually it's possible to paste URL of profile page in special field - Animated Widget will extract name/faceboook id automatically.