Saturday, December 28, 2013

3D Weather 2.1 is released

3D Weather Forecast 2.1 and 3D Weather Live Wallpaper 1.1 ared released. Main changes:
  • The applications support two weather providers: World Weather Online and new one, Open Weather
  • The applications support several figures: flags, Statue of Liberty (new) and Christmas Tree (new)
  • There is new possibility to make localization of the applications using Crowdin service
  • Russian localization is added
  • A lot of bugs were fixed

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

3D Weather Wallpaper 1.0 and 3D Weather 2.0 are released

3D Weather 2.0.1 and 3D Weather Wallpaper 1.0 are released.

What's new in 3D Weather:
  • Integration with Weather3D Live Wallpapers
  • Edit settings dialog
  • Possibility to allow weather update through Wi-Fi only.
  • Bugfixing

3D Weather Wallpaper is a standalone application, that works in pair with 3D Weather.

Animated Widget 1.7.4 is released

What's new in Animated Widget 1.7.4:
  • #299. Fixed compatibility with Android 4.3
  • #297. New setting parameter: Overlapping status bar is allowed (true by default). If it's enabled, then table of shorctucts can be partly overlapped by notification bar.
  • #301. Long tap on widget icon in opened widget opens menu. If more button is not available, just open widget and make long tap on widget icon to get access to menu.
  • #296. if you used table or compact table layout and the widget was located on right side of the screen, shortcuts were displayed on left side of the screen. Now shorcuts are displayed more compacted around the widget.
  • #302. Menu item "Open contact" wasn't visible in context menu of subcontact.
  • #295. Button "Delete all" in "Widget properties" worked incorrectly in some circumstances
  • Arabic localization is significantly enchanced.