Monday, May 27, 2013

Animated Widget BETA 1.7 is available

The beta version of Animated Widget 1.7 is available on market.

Main changes:
  • API 17 is used, menu button is replaced by action bar;
  • possibility to customize shortcut title, text color and skin color;
  • auto colors for single contacts;
  • subcontacts inherites properties of parent group contact;
  • support of native videocalls;
  • support of Viber 3, doesn't support Viber 2 anymore;
  • two text styles: shadow (old) and outlined (new);
  • filters in ther list of applications and bookmarks;
  • holo theme is used under Android 4.
We are going to test / fix bugs during 1-2 weeks, then Pro and Free version will be updated too. Your feedback / suggestions / comments and bug repors are welcomed.

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