Sunday, December 9, 2012

Group actions in Animated Widget

Animated Widget Group Contact supports possibility to send email/SMS to several contacts. You can't arbitrary set of contacts - you are able to select from contacts, registered in Group Contact only.

For example: Let's create Animated Widget Group Contact for 3 contacts: 4PDA, Fiona, James Bond. Each of them has email, but only one of them (Fiona) has phone. To send message to all of them follow these steps:
  1. Tap on widget, select "...", select "Group Contact Action"
  2. Select type of action: SMS or Email
    You are able to send email to all three contacts and send SMS to Fiona only. BTW: there is no standard for separator between phone numbers: some applications use ",", others use ";". So, Animated Widgets suggest both variants.
  3. Select the contacts who should receive email/SMS
  4. Press Ok. SMS/Email application will be opened. List of recipients will be filled automatically. Now, enter text and send the message

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