Sunday, July 1, 2012

Custom skins and custom iconsets in Animated Widgets

Animated Widget 1.6 includes 7 skins and 3 iconsets. But it allows to use custom skins and iconsets.


To add custom skin it's necessary to place skin files to directory: //mnt/sdcard/Android/com.mobilityflow.awidget/icons/NEW_SKIN_NAME where NEW_SKIN_NAME is a name of new skin. Skin should include all or some of files:
  • button.png
  • button_contact_mask.png
  • button_pressed.png
  • link.png
  • link_contact_mask.png
  • link_pressed.png
  • link_overlay.png

There are two kind of images - "Button" and "Link". "Button" is used for drawing background of shortcuts. "Link" is used for drawing background of widget.

"xxx.png" contains image for unpressed button/link, "xxx_pressed" - for pressed button/link. Images "xxx_contact_mask" are used for cropping external images, that are drawn over buttons/links. Image "link_overlay" is drawn over ready link-picture (=background + external image) at final step.


To add custom iconset it's necessary to place iconset files to directory //mnt/sdcard/Android/com.mobilityflow.awidget/icons/NEW_ICONSET_NAME where ICON_SET_NAME is name of new iconset. Iconset should include all or some of files:
  • call.png
  • call_2.png
  • call_assistant.png
  • call_assistant_2.png
  • call_fax.png
  • call_gtalk.png
  • call_home.png
  • call_home_2.png
  • call_home_fax.png
  • call_mobile.png
  • call_mobile_2.png
  • call_pager.png
  • call_pager_2.png
  • call_viber.png
  • call_video.png
  • call_video_2.png
  • call_work.png
  • call_work_2.png
  • call_work_fax.png
  • contact.png
  • email.png
  • gtalk.png
  • internet.png
  • more.png
  • skype.png
  • skype_call.png
  • sms.png

Sample files

Download sample skin and iconset.

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