Monday, May 28, 2012

Animated Widget 1.6 is released

Aimated Widget 1.6 is released. What's new:
  • New style of widget properties editor. Now, you can change widget parameters and view results immediately without closing widget properties.
  • Possibility to select skin, iconset and position for overlays (overlays are small icons upon shortcuts in group contact). See details
  • Possibility to select shortcuts label mode (hide, title, details, title + detailes). Different widget types have different set of available modes.
  • Support of "no skin" to get widgets and overlays without background.
  • New action in single contact: "Call using Viber" and Facebook. These actions are not added automatically, you should add them manually if necessary.
  • Possibility to delete all items by single click and sort items automatically in Widget Properties
  • New skin "Round Black Gloss".
  • Romanian, Serbian and Lithuanian localizations were added.
  • Two new iconsets: ICS Holo Light and ICS Holo Darks
  • ACRA library is used for crash reports handling
  • Subcontacts in group contact appears in the order of selection. In the previous versions the order of appearing was undetermined.
  • Bugfixing and minor improvements.

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